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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another tutorial uploading the video into blog (from online website)

1. Go to video website, for an example, www.youtube.com.
2. Search your video file by typing keyword at search box (e.g. "petronas advertisement").
3. Click one video that you like.(e.g.Petronas 2009 Chinese New Year Commercial)

4. At the right side, click 'customize button' besides the embed.
5. After finish the customize, right-click the embed code and copy it.
6. Go to blogger.com, click 'new post' and click 'edit html' mode.

7. Paste the embed code
8. View back in compose mode
9. Complete your post and then publish it.

Upload the video into your blog (from your file)

1. Click the film strip icon on the post editor toolbar.
2. In the popup window, click "Browse" to find the video on your computer.
3. Enter a title for your video.
4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions (if this is your first video upload).
5. Click "Upload Video."


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